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More about Vinnie the Vasa

In the wild, Vasa Parrots live in Madagascar. Vinnie was hatched in Connecticut. He seems to have been born with a minor shoulder deformity. That's Vinnie on the play gym above. See how one wing droops lower than the other? This only seems to bother him if he tries to fly when his flight feathers are clipped. Some people like to clip birds' wings to prevent them from flying. This doesn't hurt, and the feathers grow back. It's like getting a haircut. We let Vinnie's feathers grow so he doesn't hurt his shoulder when he tries to fly.

Vinnie learned out how to open the treat jar by himself. Here he is stealing a pistachio. Vinnie's favorite vegetable is snap peas. His favorite fruit is mango, and his favorite treat is walnuts. He also likes bananas, oranges, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.

Not all birds like bird baths, but Vasas do! Vinnie loves to play in water. He also likes to dunk his food and toys in water. If we give him toilet paper he will make spit balls! Vinnie and Holly get baths at least two or three times a week.

Would you like to know more about Vasas? Vinnie has a friend named Eve (Eve is a boy!) and Eve has a website too. Eve's website explains the differences between Vasa Parrots and other parrots.
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