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Holly is a Congo African Grey. African Greys come from Africa! But Holly was hatched in Florida.

Unfortunately, Holly is a feather picker. You can see from her picture her tummy is almost bald. We're working with her vet to make sure she has everything she needs, like full-spectrum light, and red palm oil in her diet to help keep her feathers soft. Last year she stopped picking and grew all her feathers back, but then she started picking more and is almost bald again. I wish we could figure out why she does it so we could help her stop for good.

Holly's favorite treat is pistachios. Her favorite fruit is red grapes, and she also loves HOT PEPPERS! Her all-time favorite dinner is brown rice with squash. She is not as active as Vinnie, but she's very vocal! She loves to whistle songs and boss everyone else around.

Holly and Vinnie are both goofy. Holly gets silliest at bed time. Here she's hanging from one of her favorite toys when it's time to get ready for bed.

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